Pegah Piano Studio is located in North York,Toronto

Studio Policy:

Pegah Piano Studio Academic year is broken into two terms on a 10 month Calendar (Sep-June) and consists of 40 lessons.

Term One: Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec 16 lessons

Term Two: Jan-Feb- March- Apr- May- June 24 Lessons 

Students are welcome at any time of the year.

Lessons are optional for students in July and August, but it is highly recommended. Students can register for 4, 6 or 8 lessons during summer.

Tuition can be paid for the whole year 10 month (Sep-June), beginning of each term (Sep and January) or beginning of each month.

Lessons are private and can be scheduled 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes per week based on age and level of the student.

Suggested weekly lesson time for different levels:

1. Beginner kids, 30min/Week

2. RCM grade 1-4, 45min/week

3. RCM grade 5-8, 60 min/week

4. RCM grade 9-10 and ARCT, 90min/week

5. Adult learners,  45 or 60 min/week

Cancellation policy:

When you register for lessons, your time slot is reserved for you for the teaching year. Students are responsible for their

weekly booked time and expected to attend each scheduled week. Please keep in mind that the studio operates at full capacity 

and is really hard to find and arrange time for make-ups for missed lessons. In case of emergency or sickness we are limited to

reschedule only 2 lessons per year (one each term)with at least 24 hours notice. For more than that there would be no make-up

lessons and student will be charged, there will be no make-up lesson for last minute cancellations or not showing up and 

student will be charged.

Some of students' Royal Conservatory Exams results:

Student                                        Grade                     Mark

Spring 2019                                    

Amy Galutira                         6 practical exam              90

Helia Nouroozian                   2 practical exam              87

Winter 2017

David Fong                            4 practical exam              90

Lilia Taghavi                          2 practical exam              88

August 2016

Kiana Rezvani Bagha            9 practical exam               90

Jocelin Lin                             1 practical exam               92

Lilai Taghavi                         1 practical exam               87

Jonathan le                             2 practical exam               84

Spring 2016

kaitlyn Moutinho                    1 practical exam               88


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