Studies show that learning a musical instrument              

            has many positive effects on students' intellectual

            power. It improves learning, logic, memory, creativity

            and cultivates many skills like concentration, co-ordination,

            relaxation, patience, perseverance and also self-confident.  

         Play The Music, not the instrument !


       Teaching has always been an important part of Pegah's musical activity and she has years of experiences tutoring both advanced and beginner students.


       Pegah appreciates the importance of music in development of students' mental and cognitive characteristics. Her teaching philosophy and her approach are based on finding the better person in oneself with the help of music. She believes that as a music teacher, she can help her students gain a deeper understanding of the music and prepare them to play the instrument skillfully so that they can enjoy music for the rest of their lives.  In her classes, she focuses on the whole concept of music and on introducing the music itself, not only playing tunes.


     Pegah is a Royal Conservatory Certified Teacher, also an active member of ORMTA ,Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association. Her lesson plans are flexible to suit the individual needs of each pupil. Students are unique individuals and their abilities are different, so they certainly need different lessons taught to them in their own unique way of learning.  Pegah's music education and teaching experience in four different countries (Iran, Russia, UK and Canada) enable her to use various teaching methods including the famous Russian Piano School, which focuses on developing strong technical abilities in order to serve the music itself as well as to distinguish individual features of a student. To motivate the students, she sometimes prepares a simple arrangement of their favorite melodies. Students join Pegah’s classes for different purposes. Some to be prepared for the Royal Conservatory (RCM) graded exams, festivals, competitions, auditions and some to play only for their pleasure.


    Pegah also offers professional Piano Accompaniment for Ballet Classes, Vocalists/Choirs and Chamber Instrumentalists for their performances, rehearsals, competitions and festivals.


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